Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click is now the standard of which online viewing and online spend is being measured. Forget about Cost-Per-Impression (CPM). PPC is now what almost everyone in the business employs.

Type of Ads

These are banner ads that you see on most websites nowadays. Ever wonder how these websites earn? They earn every time someone clicks on those ads. There are different banner ad sizes that you can choose from with these as the most common:

These ads can have static images (jpeg) or moving images (gif) depending on you. These ads are also required to link somewhere like to your websites or Facebook Pages or the like. Your conversation with your customer then starts here.

Value for Money

Again, yes, you only pay for the number of clicks on your ad/s. The caveat here also is that you can set your own budget. We can work together to define the Cost-Per-Click of your ad together with the website that we are putting your ads on. Of course, the more visits a website gets and the more expensive their CPC is. But don’t fret. We will be with you every step of the way.

Sample Computation

1,000 x USD .85 = USD 850 (Number of Clicks x CPC = Total Bill)

If you set a budget of USD 850, following the CPC rate of USD .85, then your ad will then be removed from the site once it reaches 1,000 clicks.


Want just women from the age of 18-25 and from a certain location to see your ad? Then you can control that too. All you have to do is define your target market then your ads can be shown only to your designated target. Here, you don’t waste being seen by people online who are not your target market and in the process get more chances of conversion (purchase) from your ad.